Affordable & Supportive Housing DePaul BoxCar Apartments – 40 Units

Services Provided
Professional Construction
Project Cost
$8.7 Million
Albion, NY
Completion Date
October 2021

DePaul Box Car Apartments is a 40-unit affordable housing apartment complex in the Village of Albion, NY. The complex consists of 36 one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units. The one-bedroom units can have up to two people and the two-bedroom apartments have room for up to four    people. Twenty of the apartments offer on-site supportive housing units.

There are 9 one-bedroom and 1 two-bedroom units with ADA accessibility and 2 one-bedroom units with hearing and vision accessibility (HVA) in the building. The project is designed to support people with disabilities, including senior citizens and veterans. Apartment complex amenities include a community room, lounges and computer lab.

DePaul Box Car Apartments is enhanced with safety features that allow ageing in place, with details that address mobility issues and more.

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