February 11, 2021 Christa Construction Announces Strategic Partnership with Rigid Global Buildings as Preferred Builder

Rochester, NY February 11, 2021 – Christa Construction and Rigid Global Buildings, a leading pre-engineered metal building manufacturer, announces a strategic partnership as Preferred Builder in the New York market.

The Christa and Rigid Global Buildings partnership will provide opportunities to expand our presence in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Both Christa Construction and Rigid Global Buildings focus on quality client services. The combination of Christa’s building expertise with Rigid Global’s  resources and experiences presents a unique opportunity.

Over the last 8 years, Rigid Global Buildings has focused on developing the strongest Builder program in the industry, not only on the local and national level but also globally. Their focused approach and new capabilities have allowed Rigid to fabricate virtually any structure from low rise to high rise.

Known for the construction of multi-family housing throughout New York State, Christa  continues to expand their portfolio of work in industrial, medical, and office construction. Partnering with Rigid Global Buildings as a Preferred Builder represents Christa Construction’s successful growth and service offerings for the firm. Christa Construction is proud to be a part of their Preferred Builder Program for Rigid Global Buildings.