Services Design Build

Quality in construction has been at the root of Christa’s success for nearly 30 years. We believe that quality assurance/quality control begins early in the design process and continues past the final completion of construction.

Our quality program starts with Christa personnel, when possible, being involved throughout the design phase to help assure that documents are as complete as possible prior to delivery to contractors for bid.

Throughout document reviews, estimates, value engineering and constructability reviews, Christa personnel will have numerous opportunities to check the design documents for completeness and accuracy. Therefore, bidders will have a set of accurate documents that will assure the most competitive bids.

Also during the design phase we research manufacturers, material suppliers and subcontractors. We request samples, warranty information, recent installations, project history and references. This information is reviewed and the right products, people and companies are recommended to the owner and design team.

A partial listing of services available using the Design/Build project delivery method includes:

• Early planning
• Schematic sketches and preliminary drawings
• Cost estimating
• Value engineering
• Project budgeting
• Establishment of a guaranteed maximum price
• Preliminary master/construction schedule
• Logistics/phasing plans
• Bid and award
• Coordination of subcontracted trades
• Project coordination
• Project schedule
• Implementation of safety programs
• Quality assurance
• Start-up and commissioning