March 16, 2021 Christa Construction Renovates Bring on Your Dreams Home

Rochester, NY March 15, 2021 – In December of last year, instead of client gifts, Christa Construction decided to help the Bring on Your Dreams organization with a renovation project.  Bring on Your Dreams is a local organization, providing physical and mental wellness support to women encountering challenging life situations.

In partnership with local vendors and subcontractors, the renovation included kitchen work, basement renovations, and bedroom work.

Michele Boyd, CEO of Bring on Your Dreams, Inc., wrote in appreciation of Christa Construction’s services:

“Thank you very much, Brandon, to you and your team from Christa Construction for your hard work and commitment to making this happen for Bring On Your Dreams, Inc., along with donations from your vendors. We have been working on this project for the last 3 1/2 years with other volunteers and paid individuals with no success at getting the C of O. It pained me every year, especially during the winter months that we weren’t able to help women as we desired.

You all at Christa Construction rock because you saw the vision and the need and donated your time and resources to make it happen even during the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic…”

It is an honor to be a part of this project, one that is creating a safe place to support women’s physical and mental health needs. Thank you to Upstate Roofing and Painting, Radec Electric, Billone, and Davis-Fetch Corporation for your assistance in this project!