Retail & Hospitality Hattie’s Restaurant

550 East Ave., LLC
Services Provided
Professional Construction
Project Cost
$2.0 Million
Hanlon Architects
Rochester, NY
Completion Date

The existing Strathallan Hotel constructed in 1978 went through major renovations and rebirth in 2012. The restoration of the hotel quickly generated more attention requiring another upgrade and expansion to the 9th floor.

This expansion provided banquet space and exterior patio on the open roof area. The 9th floor’s enclosed rooftop space expanded to 6,040 square feet. The exterior walls of the Banquet Room were held back from the existing parapet wall to provide a continuous open patio area around the perimeter. The use of a simple glass enclosure and extended overhang combine to provide a compatible and pleasing addition to the building’s façade.

The walls of the new space are primarily glass with simulated stone. The soffits of the large overhang as well as exterior walls enclosing the kitchen and support spaces on the east side are stucco. The interior space is replete with tufted leather booths, mahogany-paneled walls and chandelier-adorned ceilings.

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